Thursday, April 26, 2012

I had a bunch of boxes laying around so I cut a bunch of squares that were all the same size out of the cardboard.  For the cover pieces, I tore the top thin layer of cardboard off to get to the corrugated center.  I wanted to add even more dimension so I painted and stitched on the cover as well.  I liked doing this because I could add as many pages as I wanted. (Or as many as my binder rings could hold!)  This was so easy and you can make so many variations of this.  It is great when you can't find just the right size album!  I have made several this way since.  :)


  1. Awesome mini, love the look of the torn off cardboard. Love this idea!

  2. OH WOW!!! I love the corregated box whowing!! This is really amazing!


    Jessica @