Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Straws and Stripes!!!

Straws and Stripes!!! Well first of all, I am glad to be back. Slowly but surely I will get back into the swing of things! (PS Alaska was beautiful!) Well with the holiday of the summer upon us, I thought this was yet another fun way to use the adorable paper straws that are so popular right now! I just got a wicker wreath from the $1 store and spray painted it white. Next I hot glued the red, yellow and blue straws around the wreath. Then I just embellished with some red polka dot ribbon and a star made out of bent straws. Wa-La. So easy and it looks really cute on my porch! Hopefully all of these crazy wild fires will be out soon! Luckily the one that was burning by us is under control now! I really hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!!!


  1. Oh my STARS!!! How cute is this:) I absolutely love it my dear friend. I need one on my porch:) great job, the color is awesome. WHOOO HOOOOO!!! YAY, you never cease to amaze me:)
    {love love}