Sunday, July 29, 2012

Attempt #2

Wow! This is harder than it looks. I think I may have to hire a personal "coloring" tutor. Since there was a little mix-up with our show times, and I was all ready for the theater 5 hours early (I swear this stuff always happens to me) I thought I would watch a couple "you tube" tutorials. Ugh, they still make it look so easy. I am just a slow learner when it comes to this. I am sucking it up, and I am not gonna give up until I get it! Here is a pic of Copic coloring attempt #2...
I am still having trouble in a lot of areas. The hardest thing for me is the "light source", and figuring the shading for that. Of course, a wider range of color options would be great! In fact I think they are a must A.S.A.P. I better get right on that...but for now Off to "WICKED" I go with my sweet friend Madge. Good times ahead :)


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