Saturday, July 28, 2012

Deep Breaths...

Okay, as many of you may have read on Madge's blog, we are scared to death of coloring! Not your general crayola crayon coloring, but COPIC COLORING!!! Ugh! I have been avoiding the fact that I need to learn this skill like the plague, but now the time has come!!! At CHA we bought some markers with the help of our lovely friends The Scrapbooking Queen, The Squeaky Scrapper and Victoria Scraps. I am terrified of this technique! I don't have an artsy bone in my body!!! All of the talented gals I have seen color make it look so darn easy!!! I am going to need some serious help! Madge at the scrappin lounge was brave enough to post her first attempt, so I guess I will show you mine. Please keep your laughter to yourself (oh, that's right, I can't hear you anyway!) Deep Breaths, here it is. Hopefully you can see how adorable this STAMPENDOUS stamp is through my "coloring"...

So, obviously any help is much appreciated! Any good tutorials you can suggest would be great. I have found a few, but they are at an advanced level, which I clearly am not. :) I know that I don't have nearly enough colors! Oh man, another expensive hobby...just what I needed! LOL Well, hopefully I will have some time to practice more soon.

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  1. Friend! I think it's great! Your water is awesome!yay!!!
    Way ro he brave haha!
    {loves loves}