Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's about time!!! I finally had a little time to craft. I was sooooo excited I could hardly stand myself. This is a fun little mini book. I made 10 of these little guys but this was one of my favorites! They are perfect for random 4"x6" photos, and, they will be available at Madge's Scrappin Lounge. Hopefully soon I can get the "Toxic Goods" site going as well. It's been a lot slower going than we originally planned but I guess any progress at this point is good. :) More projects to come.... PS-Congrats on your Grand Opening Madge


  1. looks great you did a fantastic job.
    I know what you mean trying to find time to scrap I have all these ideas but sometimes just dont have the time

  2. YAY!!! Thanks:) These cute little guys are so flipping adorable! You sold one as soon as I walked in the door with them:0
    {loves loves}
    Scrappin Madge