Monday, January 21, 2013

Wobbly Calendar

Hey Everybody!  I am super excited about my Action Wobble project today!  As always, I am totally thrilled for the opportunity to be the Featured Designer :)  Ok, enough chitty chatty!  On to the project...
I found this desk calendar at the dollar store (minus the ribbon).  I thought the colors were cute, and I loved the built in stand.  The problem was that the back of the calendar was just soooooo plain.  I mean, I can't have people looking at a boring calendar in MY workspace :) so I dressed it up!  Here it is...
This view is soooo much better than just the plain boring blue don't you think?!?  I put an action wobble behind the big cream flower, which is made of ribbon.  The other 2 flowers are made from washi tape.  Besides ribbon and washi, for this project I also used; a coffee filter, a doily, straight pins, stickers and striped paper.  I can't wait to get this on my desk and have some visitors!  Wobbles are fabulous and add such a fun element to any project.  I just love them!  Make sure and grab yourself some today at                                          The Queens Royal Shoppe.   Well I hope you enjoyed viewing this project and I hope you check back again real soon.  Have a super crafty day!!!


  1. Oh my stars!!! This is super cute and I love the ribbon and the washi tape that you used. Wobble on baby Wobble on! Great job friend.

  2. Very cool, This is something thats easy to forget, thats taking something and jazzing it up. I love it.

  3. That is incredible! I am so impressed that your creative mind saw the calendar and then ended up with a beautiful project. I am jealous...and so glad to have found your site. Thanks for sharing!

    Rhonda :)