Thursday, March 7, 2013

Young Women & Subway Art

     Tonight I had the pleasure of teaching a craft project to a great bunch of Young Women.  Subway Art is everywhere these days!  I thought It would be fun to find a piece I really liked and then help the girls decorate a frame for the art.  There are countless free printables for Subway Art.  You can find just about any theme imaginable.  I wanted one that was encouraging and had a positive message.  I found one I really liked and had it printed up in a 5"x7" size.
Here is a group shot with each of the girls holding their finished project:

The girls had a super time.  I think there are a few future crafters in the bunch!  :)  
Here is a picture of the Art, and the Frame that I made as an example for the girls:
I just love all of the "advice" in this piece.  The colors are so happy and bright.  We got the frames at the Dollars Store and the printable was FREE.  (My favorite price range!  LOL)  Push pins, doilies, flowers, cardstock butterflies and stickers, that is all it takes to make an adorable piece of decor.  (These make great gifts too!)  Well I had a fun night.  Thanks girls for being so receptive.  And Thank You Shelli for the opportunity :)  I hope everyone enjoys this project.  Have a super crafty day!


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