Thursday, November 12, 2015

Darice--Straight Arrow

That's one straight arrow!

     (Lights ON!)  Oh my stars!  I have to say this is one of my most favorite projects of the year!  (Another fave will be posted soon!)  A couple months ago I had the pleasure of crafting up some of these amazing arrows by Darice.  You can find my "How To" videos over on Create and Craft.  Now Darice has tons and tons of fun crafty items.  Make sure to check out those and many, many more goodies over at Create and Craft.
     This project starts out as just a paper mache arrow and a set of mini LED lights.  Like I mentioned, you can find a step by step video on Create and Craft but I will give a quick run down...
*Carefully cut out/off back of arrow
*Mark, then cut holes from arrow for lights  (I used an x-acto knife and just twisted it back & forth.
*Paint or cover arrow however desired
*Insert LED lights in previously created holes.  (I glued lights in place.  Any white glue should work)
*Put in batteries and replace back cover (that was previously cut out)

 Here is a pic with the lights off.
     This arrow was truly fun to make.  I want to make them to place all over my house!  Darice has made it easy.  I think you could turn any paper mache shape or letter into a "marquee"!


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