Thursday, December 17, 2015

Everything is better with a Cherry...

     Everything is better with a Cherry on Top! (under, around or in!!!)  Thanks again to the super fabulous Laura Kelly (at the Create Make Celebrate Retreat which she hosted at her home) I have been introduced to the super delicious Cherry Man Cherries!  They are straight Farm to Market and oh so yummy!  (They also have cherries for topping that are equally delicious!)  And come on now, how cute is that packaging!?!
     When I found out Cherry Man Cherries was going to be sending me a box of their scrumptious goods, I was thrilled!  My mind starting running with all of the different things I could do and recipes I could make :)  I have one gift idea and a quick drink recipe. (Another recipe will be coming next week!)

We wish you a "Cherry" Christmas:
I couldn't help but take another photo with a Vintage filter. Cherry Man Cherries are adorable enough alone as a little neighbor gift.  Add ice cream and maybe some chocolate syrup and you have the sweetest gift ever!

Party Time! Amaretto Cherry Sours for everyone!!!
The Perfect Amaretto Cherry Sour
3oz  Amaretto (We like DISARONNO)
2oz  Sour Mix  
1TBS  Cherry Juice from Cherry Man Maraschino Cherries
3oz  Sprite (or add to taste)
2  Cherry Man Cherries (or as many as your little heart desires LOL)

We had an impromptu party a couple nights ago and really weren't prepared.  My husband asked if we had any Cherries.  At which, I laughed and handed him a Cherry Man jar.  We mixed up some drinks with supplies we had on hand which were Delicious.  My husband said "a couple cherries can make anything festive".

Go out and get yourself some today!  You won't regret it!  If you are lucky enough that your local grocer carries these SUPER DUPER!  If not grab some here!    
"Cherry Christmas!!!"

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  1. I think I would have to add many more cherries to mine! Cheers!