Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hooray for CHA! (And a cute Wreath!)

Hooray for CHA...and a cute Valentine wreath!

     Wahoo!  I love CHA and today is the day!  Madge and I are on our way, but first, I wanted to share this fun little wreath I made.  (I can't believe Christmas is over and I'm decorating for Valentine's Day!)  When I was putting away the Christmas decor, I noticed that I had wreaths for every holiday and season except Valentines.  Of course, I had to take immediate action LOL!

     I bought a few books of sheet music at a pawn shop while on one of adventures.  I tore a bunch of pages out of the books, then cut them in half and wadded them into balls.  Next I glued the wadded sheets to a wooden wreath.  I added some canvas hearts, flowers, doilies and some glittery chipboard alphabet letters.
     I used the outer alphabet portions to make a little banner.  I punched some holes and tied the letters together with jute.  You could probably glue the banner on, but I tied it to the wreath.  Last, I cut quite a few strands of jute, tied them together to make a bow, and glued the bow to the wreath.  I used fabric glue to adhere the doily to the canvas but for everything else I used my trusty glue gun!
 I was really happy with the result and hope you like it too!

Now I'm off the CHA!!!  I will be posting about it when I get home next week :)  If any of you are going and see me there, come up and say "Hi", I would love it.

Until next time...


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