Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sculpey For the Whole Family!

IIIIIIIIIIt's Sculpey!

     Hey howdy ho there crafters!  Today I get to share with you my very first attempt at creating with Sculpey Souffle oven bake clay.  I have made several projects with their PolyForm Model Air air dry clay and I love it.  Since this was my first time with the oven bake clay, I thought it would be fun to get Avrie involved too.

     I put the Souffle and Sculpey Tools out on the table and we went to town!  These are the tools that we used.  This tool kit has everything you really need.

     Avrie and I made lots of projects.  She wanted to make some beads, but didn't want to use forms or anything.  She thought it would be cool to just free form the beads.  This is what we came up with:  (Maybe we can post a pic of whatever she decides to make with the beads later on!) 

     She rolled 3 different colors of clay flat.  Then she layered them on top of each other, cut the edges straight and cut the pile in half.  One half she rolled into a tube shape and sliced the tube into "bead" pieces.  The other half, she cut in half again, stacked the pieces on top of each other (making 6 layers) and cut them into little squares.  Last she took the left over of each of the 3 colors and rolled them all together to make "marbled" beads.

There were 18 beads total.  We slid them onto the Etch 'N Pearl tools.  And Baked at 250* for about an hour.
Etch n' Pearl

Not too bad for our first attempt!  We are planning on making more later on using all of the fun bead and jewelry making tools that Sculpey offers!

     The other project I am sharing reminds me a little of the fun Doodle Art that Laura Kelly creates! (Go check her out!) It's just a whimsical little octopus:

     Sculpey can be used in many, many different ways (Especially in hands a little more capable than mine and Avrie's LOL).  There is a wide range of colors and tons of helpful tools available.  This is a great activity for young and old alike.  I am going to stock up for summer.  I can't think of a better way to keep my kids entertained and encourage their creativity!

*A special thanks to Sculpey for providing product for this post as part of the Laura Kelly Design Team

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  1. That octopus!!! Where is he going to live> He is so cute and fun. XOXOXO