About Me

     Hey thanks for checkin' me out!  Let me preface this by saying I am new to the blogging world.  My uber-talented friend Madge talked me into it.  I am really excited, but please be patient with me!  I hope you like it and the "Toxic Goods" up for grabs!
Ok, about me:
   I am a full time mom to 3 very active, precocious kids!  Two rowdy boys and one fiesty girl.  I have been married to my "crush" for almost 15 years.  I am addicted to scrapping and crafting.  I'm not sure which one I like more however, scrapping & crafting or shopping for the materials and goodies to get the deed done!  It goes without saying that I have a "little" problem buying and hoarding supplies!!!  LOL 
     My real name is Mindi Palmer.  (But this is how I got the name "Midge", in my sweet friend "Madge's" words :)  "Back in 2004 me and my friend (Mindi) were at a Scrapbook retreat and you know how it gets.... LATE and she had said we need old lady names. Hahaha right.... Well since we have been friends since we were 5 years old No literally 5 years old, we came up with our "old lady" names. That night Madge was born, and her name is Midge.  To many Creative Crafters out there, that is what we are known as, Midge and Madge".  So folks, that is how we got our names!  There are some people out there that don't even know Midge & Madge aren't our real names!
     In the past, I designed for Heartstrings Designs (they have great mat board products, monthly kits, frames, mini-album etc;  I also designed kits and make & takes for a local store "For Every Scrapbook".  (Before that I worked in the Accounting department of an electronics company.  Boring!!!)  I took a break for a couple years and now I am ready to "Rock & Roll"!  
     I already mentioned my love of shopping.  Some of my other favorite things to do are:  *Family time, whether it's a trip, movie night or anything else I love to spend time together.  (As long as the kids aren't fighting!)  *Travel, we usually go on at least one cruise a year and countless "road trips".  My dream is to tour all over Europe!  So far I have only been to Ireland but I see many more trips in my future!  (Hopefully what I see and what is reality will start merging soon!)  *GNO-Ok, I love a good Girls Night!  Whether we hit the town or just chill out in our pj's we always laugh until our guts hurt!  *Dessert!  My eating habits are kind of a running joke around here!  All I have to say is "No one better touch my dessert!"  *Green Tea & Diet Coke!  I love both of these!  Um if I had to choose just one it would be...my left arm!  I don't need it that bad anyway! J/K  I'd pick green tea.  But none of that sweetened crap!  Pure brewed green tea with nothin' in it!!!
     Thanks for taking a minute to get to know me!  I hope you enjoy the blog and all the fun "Toxic Goods" up for grabs!  I am a big fan of telling it like it is...so feel free to leave any comments or helpful tips!